Strategic collaborations are an important component of Liquidia’s short- and long-term plans to accelerate PRINT®-enabled therapies into commercial use. Liquidia seeks collaborations with global and regional biopharmaceutical leaders, emerging biotech companies and leading academic institutions. Liquidia and its collaborators come together to create products that solve problems that current therapies are not able to address.

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Strategic Collaborations

In June 2012, Liquidia entered a broad, multi-year collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which acquired exclusive rights to research and develop certain inhaled therapies using Liquidia’s PRINT technology. In September 2015, GSK exercised its option to exclusively license the right to research, develop, and commercialize inhaled therapeutics based on Liquidia’s PRINT technology. In July 2018, GSK notified us of its decision to discontinue development of an inhaled antiviral for viral exacerbations in COPD after completion of its related Phase 1 clinical trial. GSK continues to express an interest in using PRINT technology for new inhaled programs, though no specific assets have been identified at this time.

Undisclosed Collaborations

Liquidia is applying its novel PRINT technology across multiple therapeutic areas.

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