Liquidia Technologies to Present Innovations in Nanofabrication of Vaccine Formulations

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – September 23, 2014

Company to Present at the 4th International Conference On Vaccines and Vaccination

Liquidia Technologies today announced it will highlight the rapid antigen and adjuvant formulation capabilities of its PRINT® (Particle Replication In Non-Wetting Templates) technology for the development of novel vaccines at the 4th International Conference on Vaccines and Vaccination, being held September 24-26, in Valencia, Spain. The International Conference on Vaccines and Vaccination allows delegates from universities and institutes to network with world-class scientists to discuss recent innovations in vaccines and vaccination.

Frank Malinoski, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer at Liquidia, will give an oral presentation on September 26 from 11:25 – 11:45am during the Vaccine Formulation Issues session. Dr. Malinoski’s presentation is titled: Unique Nanofabrication of Antigens and Adjuvants that Effectively Induces Protective Antibody and T cell Responses.

The PRINT technology is an innovative, highly tunable and scalable particle engineering process that allows Liquidia to precisely tailor particle size, shape, charge, hydrophobicity, and composition with the goal of optimizing a vaccine’s ability to elicit the desired immune response. By using a broad range of polymeric materials formulated with antigens and adjuvants, Liquidia has leveraged the PRINT technology to define particles of specific sizes and shapes to optimize the effects of a vaccine on humoral and cellular immune responses.
Liquidia’s PRINT technology allows for the rapid fabrication of unique particles in a continuous manufacturing process to produce rationally designed vaccine solutions that can be tested against a broad range of pathogens. Using this transformative technology, Liquidia is developing innovative solutions that can address many of the challenges encountered in vaccine development, resulting in the creation of safe and efficacious vaccines that can provide the broadest possible protection for a global population.

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