PRINT Technology

Liquidia is the only company in the world with the ability to precisely engineer drug particles in a virtually unlimited number of compositions, sizes, or shapes. The precision and simplicity of the PRINT® technology overcomes the constraints of conventional formulation and production methods to improve the efficacy, safety, and convenience of a wide range of medicines, while reducing manufacturing complexity and cost.

PRINT technology combines a proprietary particle molding technology with a modular, roll-to-roll manufacturing process to deliver scalable processes that meet cGMP requirements. The technology incorporates production practices from the semiconductor and materials industries. Through this approach, Liquidia and its partners can achieve a high level of control over the physical and chemical characteristics of a drug particle.

Leading benefits of Liquidia's PRINT technology include:
  • Applying precise particle design to resolve specific pharmacologic or therapeutic challenges
  • Supporting development across a wide range of medicines, including drugs and biologics, single agents and combinations, therapies and vaccines
  • Improving medicines to meet evolving patient care and disease management needs
  • Reducing costs and saving time with highly-repeatable and efficient particle fabrication processes

PRINT technology is bringing cost savings and simplicity to a complex manufacturing and development process in ways that other technologies cannot.

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