LIQ865, is an injectable, sustained-release formulation of bupivacaine for the management of local post-operative pain for three to five days after a procedure. We believe LIQ865 has the potential to provide significantly longer local post-operative pain relief compared to currently marketed formulations of bupivacaine.


Despite current pain-management protocols, post-operative pain is still undermanaged, with studies showing that approximately 50% of patients self-report inadequate pain relief. Post-operative pain management is becoming more important as surgeries increase in volume and complexity and hospitals seek treatments that support faster recovery and time to discharge. Concurrently, the risk of opioid abuse and diversion has led physicians, payors and the U.S. federal government to prioritize pain management strategies that minimize reliance on opioids. Local anesthetics, such as bupivacaine, provide a well-established, non-opioid option for post-operative pain management, but their duration of efficacy has been limited.


We completed a Phase 1a clinical trial of LIQ865 in Denmark and a Phase 1b clinical trial in the U.S. We have initiated Phase 2-enabling toxicology studies for LIQ865 in the first quarter of 2019 with initial Phase 2 proof of concept clinical trials expected in 2020.

We have engineered LIQ865 PRINT particles of uniform size and composition to allow the release of bupivacaine over three to five days following a single administration. For more information on our data for LIQ865, please visit Publications.

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