About Liquidia

Empowering precision drug design to transform pharmaceuticals

Liquidia Corporation’s mission is to transform patients’ lives with precise drug particles.

Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes are experiencing unprecedented market pressure to deliver better results at reduced costs. Liquidia is actively tackling some of those challenges.

Liquidia’s method for precisely engineering drug particles to new specification can enhance the therapeutic potential of the molecule for the patient, while minimizing risk and reducing time to market. PRINT® technology gives the pharmaceutical industry the power to produce precise drug particles, clinically-effective products at scale, and in some cases reduce manufacturing complexity and cost.


Liquidia’s proprietary PRINT technology brings the pharmaceutical industry the ability to design drug particles uniformly and in a wide variety of compositions, size and shapes. This novel process can optimize the performance of existing or new therapeutics, whether they are based on small molecules, peptides or biologics. The end result? Medications can work as planned, the first time around, helping patients get better and feel better faster.

PRINT technology integrates proprietary particle engineering technology with a modular, roll-to-roll manufacturing process to create precisely-constructed molds in which particle chemistry can occur. This approach overcomes the design and loading level limitations of existing particle technologies.

PRINT technology applies best practices from several sectors, including nano-scale techniques from the semiconductor industry and scalable processes from the films industries, to create a novel, cost-effective cGMP-compliant process.

This level of control and precision has simply not been broadly available to the pharmaceutical industry before.

PRINT particles can be designed to address desired pharmacological benefits, such as optimizing the route of administration, improving solubility, enhancing stability or extending therapeutic effects, with the goal of improving efficacy, safety and convenience for the patient.

This simple, elegant solution is applicable across therapeutic areas, molecule and routes of administration, and offers the opportunity to engineer a range of medicines, including drugs and biologics, single agents and combinations, and vaccines.

Drug delivery technologies have been hampered in adapting to specific challenges, including the drug’s chemical properties. By controlling size, composition and/or shape, the PRINT technology can deliver on the potential of drug delivery to improve medicines broadly.

PRINT technology allows for rapid transition of PRINT-enabled therapies from the laboratory, to clinical development, to scalable commercial production.

PRINT technology changes drug formulation and production through novel and precise engineering techniques, which we believe will enhance clinical efficacy.

This flexible technology can work across a wide range of therapies, according to third-party reviews.

In many cases, pharmaceutical companies can reduce manufacturing costs and complexity, thanks to PRINT’s highly-repeatable and efficient particle fabrication processes.


Liquidia is applying PRINT technology toward internal product development opportunities. The pipeline strategy is focused on improving currently approved products in order to minimize development risk and increase speed to market.

By leveraging PRINT technology, Liquidia’s business model is highly capital efficient in the following ways:

  • Liquidia is able to improve existing drugs to reach their full therapeutic potential, without having to incur all of the R&D expenses of a truly novel molecule.
  • PRINT is a cost-effective, elegant and simple manufacturing process that can create significant improvement in the performance of existing medicines.

Current product candidates in clinical development span LIQ861 for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and LIQ865 for local, post-operative pain. Liquidia’s partners including leading pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, are exploring ways to leverage PRINT technology for new therapies.

Liquidia is helping the pharmaceutical industry put the needs of patients first. PRINT technology is flexible, scalable and meets pressing marketplace needs for improved drug delivery.

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