PRINT® Technology

Print Technology

Our proprietary PRINT® engineering technology allows us to engineer and manufacture highly uniform drug particles with precise control over the size, three-dimensional geometric shape and chemical composition of the particles. By controlling these physical and chemical parameters of particles, PRINT® enables us to engineer desirable pharmacological benefits into product candidates, including prolonged duration of drug release, increased drug loading, more convenient routes of administration, the ability to create novel combination products, enhanced storage and stability and the potential to reduce adverse side effects. Our manufacturing equipment and materials used in the production of our drug particles are proprietary and protected by our patent portfolio and trade secret know-how. Our PRINT® manufacturing equipment is modular, scalable and cost-effective.

We begin our particle design by procuring a custom designed master template etched with three-dimensional structures, or posts, that will become the eventual shape and size of our drug particles. These three-dimensional structures are then replicated in negative form, and through our proprietary process, we engineer and manufacture Fluorocur flexible rolls of polymeric material to form PRINT molds. Our PRINT molds consist of thousands of linear feet of thin flexible molds up to twenty-four inches wide. We then design and formulate our desired drug particle composition and apply that to our PRINT molds in our high-throughput roll-to-roll processing equipment, with each particle mimicking the shape of the mold cavity from which it was molded, thus taking the shape of the original master template structures.

We have translated the PRINT process into a continuous, roll-to-roll manufacturing process that we believe is compliant with cGMP and scaled to support clinical and commercial production.

PRINT Technology

Particles for inhalation

An example of the precise particle engineering enabled by PRINT® Technology is demonstrated in YUTREPIA™ (treprostinil) inhalation powder. Each particle is designed to enhance delivery and deep-lung penetration with a precise size and highly uniform shape inspired by a naturally occurring pollen. YUTREPIA (treprostinil) inhalation powder PRINT® particles have a one micrometer trefoil-shape measured by an inscribed one micrometer circle. In vitro studies suggest that the uniformity of size and shape allow our inhaled particles to target delivery into the lungs with less deposition in the upper airways.