PRINT Technology

Our proprietary PRINT technology is a particle engineering platform that enables precise production of highly uniform drug particles with independent control over their size, shape and chemical composition. By controlling these physical and chemical parameters of particles, PRINT enables us to engineer desirable pharmacological benefits into product candidates, including prolonged duration of drug release, increased drug loading, more convenient routes of administration, the ability to create novel combination products, enhanced storage and stability and the potential to reduce adverse side effects. The precision and simplicity of our PRINT technology overcomes the constraints of conventional formulation and production methods to improve the safety, efficacy and performance of a wide range of therapies.

PRINT technology combines a proprietary particle molding technology with a modular, roll-to-roll manufacturing process to deliver scalable and cost-effective processes that meet cGMP requirements. The technology incorporates production practices from the semi-conductor and materials industries. Through this approach, Liquidia and its partners can achieve a high level of control over the physical and chemical characteristics of a drug particle to transform the lives of patients.

Leading benefits of Liquidia's PRINT technology include:
  • Applying precise particle design to target and design desirable pharmacological benefits into product candidates
  • Supporting development across a wide range of therapeutic areas, molecule types and routes of administrations
  • Improving medicines to meet evolving patient care and disease management needs
  • Leveraging modular, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing

Our PRINT technology combines the precision of the semi-conductor industry with the high throughput of roll-to-roll manufacturing to make highly uniform particles at a commercially viable scale.

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